Thursday, November 1, 2007

taking down the Halloween decor and now comes Christmas! Just kidding..

Halloween has come and gone but Daesha will be eating candy for weeks! Daesha got to wear her costume to school and she was so excited. I went to her school to see the little parade they do and they sang a couple Halloween songs for the parents, it was pretty cute. Afterwards I went to get Daesha from her class and she wasn't as happy as she was when I dropped her off. I asked her what was wrong and she told me in her angry voice, "There were 3 other Spiderman's at my school". "Oh" I said, "But werent you the only GIRL Spiderman". "Yes I was but.. I didn't want Dawson to be a Spiderman too!" It was like a teenager going to prom and having another girl wearing the same dress! At least when she does become a teen nothing will surprise me. She already acts like a teenager. Note the picture below and Daesha in a sea of Spidermen :-)
After school we went to the pediatrist and he was happy with Daesha's feet. He said he could tell a difference in her stride and the position of her feet when she walked and ran. He said this is a good sign. He wants to keep her in the same insoles for 6 months. (instead of every 2 months)This is good. It's going to be much cheaper for us too.
Halloween night was alot of fun. I went to my sisters so that she could take pictures of us in our costumes. Ted is not in them because he didn't want to dress up this year. I know! Where has my husband gone??? He usually loves Halloween. Since Daesha was so excited to be Spiderman I decided a family of "stupid" super heros would be fun. I went as Supergirl and Keegan was Ghostrider. Keegan had a heart tattoo that I thought was really funny. But the skull mask was hilarious!!!I just cut the bottom half out of the rubber mask so that his nose and mouth was exposed. He didn't seem to mind it too much.
Once we got back home with my nephew Nic we set out all the decor. It was pretty spooky, with ghosts, black lights, fog machine, and scary music. My Nephew nic was a really scary scarecrow. We put a fake hand in his sleeve so he totally looked fake. He sat on the porch with the bowl of candy and scared all the kids and parents! It was so much fun to watch, and Nic had a great time scaring.
The best was this Dad came with his 2 boys 10 and 8 years old. As they came up on our porch they said it was creepy. One boy knocked on the door and the other boy said, "oh, the candy is right here". The Dad said, "oh, thats cool" He took one and the other boy said do we only take one? The father said, "No you can get a couple" Then Nic yelled and put his arms out! The Dad yelled, "Holy Crap"! He did the little feet dance and yelled louder than the boys, it was so funny!!!
When Ted got home from work he took Daesha out trick or treating. I told Daesha to tell him he was a pooper for not dressing up. So he quickly got on his camo and did a bullet hole on his forehead. He looked pretty gross. And I didn't even get a picture. All in all it was a fun night and very glad it's over with. So sorry we didn't get out to visit more friends and family this year. Both kids and myself have a pretty bad cough and I wouldn't want to get any of you sick with our germs. The picture of all of us sitting on the couch is so cute of Keegan. He has the biggest smile. Enlarge the picture by clicking on it.


The Perry Family said...

that is such a good idea about the scarecrow thing!! ya'll looked super great and keegan looked so cute with his tat! haha

Debbi said...

Chandra - you look AWSOME!!!! I love keegans tatoo as well! you guys always do halloween so well!

Nad'a said...

Is Ted dying? Cuz he is Mr. Halloween, dress up and scare people guy.

Sarah said...

Your scarecrow was brilliant! I suppose you won't tell me who the dad was in our ward who got really creeped out...? LOVE the costumes! Your supergirl is great and Keegan looks super!