Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

This year I didn't go all out with candy and toys for the kids. And I am so glad I didn't because Daesha still got enough candy to last her all year. On Sunday morning Ted and I got out her left over Valentine candy and put it in plastic eggs and hid them! She didn't notice something was amiss until she found a candy covered in hearts and exclaimed. "This is the same candy I took to my class for Valentines!" Ted and I had to try hard not to laugh out loud. Ted's work had an Easter egg hunt on Sunday. Later that afternoon we had a BBQ at Ted's sisters and had another egg hunt. Keegan has had a really runny nose the last couple days. Maybe he will actually be getting his first tooth soon.

Soaked shirt + runny nose = first tooth?

And look at Keegan's cute shirt below, it's Sean John. Just had to point that out :-)


Debbi said...

your posts when there are family things always make me a little sad:(. I am glad that everyone had fun, even with their heart candy! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so flipping adorable!!