Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My niece Tiffany and her mystery illness

I have the most cutest and happy niece named Tiffany. My sister and her family have been baffled by Tiffany's sudden sickness that has doctors scratching their heads. For over a year they have seen dozens of doctors, traveled to different states and tried every kind of regiment from medications to physical therapy. Nothing has gotten them any answers as to why this is happening to their little girl. I feel that I couldn't possibly do enough to help out my sister. As some may know, she and her husband let me move in with them when my mother died. I was 13. Their children are like my very own siblings. I love them all so much. The latest "diagnosis" is that she has been exposed to black mold in their home. For the last week and a half Tiffany and her Mom have been living in their camping trailer to see if she has any improvement. It's still too soon to tell.
Tiffany has touched so many hearts in their community. Neighbors and friends have taken upon themselves to get the word out to help find what has been happening to Tiffany. Please check out this sight that a family friend did for the family.


The Perry Family said...

Wow...I will be praying for her and the hope that they find out what is plaguing (sp?) her and hope that they find a cure! Keep us posted!

Debbi said...

totally have to check it out - I was so happy to see her feet move on sunday!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Hot boy Dustin commented on his picture!! Dah! This is crazy, but man he's good looking. Too bad we're all taken
:( Manda

Anonymous said...

ps. That's way nice of you to post that stuff on Tiff. What a good little sister she is and it's great to get the word out. You're the best, Chandra!! Manda

Kristin said...

I read through the website. That is so frustrating and sad that this is happening to such a beautiful little girl. We'll keep her and your family in our prayers.