Thursday, June 5, 2008


This week has been pretty much uneventful. Ted left on Tuesday morning to Virginia till Friday. Then he will be repacking and heading to Zions that same day until Sunday. Tuesday I went to STOMP. It was such a fun show I really liked it alot. My sister in law posted about it and did a great video on her blog. If you want to see more about them click here (Thats just pure laziness on my part not to go through the effort of blogging it myself.) On Wednesday we went to my nephews 16th birthday party. I got him a dating bag. It had movie tickets, a bag of swedish fish "theres lots of fish in the sea", a love meter that lights up and rates your sexiness, a dating survival kit, and a bottle of pills that was labeled, "perfect girl". I can't believe he is old enough to drive and date! They grow up way too fast! Last night we went and got some videos because we will be taking Daesha's braids out all day today. I started yesterday and worked on them for 3 hours and I only got 1/4 of them out!


Bret Bushman Family said...

It is sure cute in the braids, but that definetly doesn't sound fun taking them out...I can't believe Nick is 16 to.

Nad'a said...

holy crap! Nic is 16!!! Jessie will be so excited :)

Anonymous said...

Okay so here's a funny story for you - I'm in the women's bathroom at church today and a lady slips into the stall with an adorable African American son. I just caught a fleeting glimpse of him as the door changes so I say, "Is that Chandra I just saw?!" Evidently not as there was no response! Apparently someone in the other ward has a son about Keigan's age! We missed you :)