Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post are getting few and far between...

So glad that summer is here and I have less time to blog and more time to play outside!!!

Is anyone else having trouble downloading videos on blogger???? My computer has been really slow and had other problems so I took it to geek squad. Paid $$$ and still my computer is slow...ugh. Guess I better take it back. Anyway, I will post some recent videos on my facebook. So you can check them out there.


Ted has a new job! He is working for a drilling company based in California. They are here working in Ogden putting power line poles in. Ted works the crane. He works 6 days a week and will be working for this company until the job is complete. The deadline is October 1st. He had to join the Union and has quickly learned why road construction workers end up standing around most of the day. Apparently, the "union" has rules that you only do the job you are hired to do. So, while Ted was hired to work the crane, that is all he is allowed to do. He came home a bit frustrated and bored one day saying "I can't even pick up a hammer". But he is glad to have a job that is paying him good wages. He already got a nickname from the other workers. They call him "priest" when Ted asked one of the guys why, he said is was because none of them have heard him swear. And because he is a mormon. (they must have known from the garment lines) One guy always does the cross over his heart gesture to Ted everytime Ted walks onto the jobsite. Ted thinks that maybe they are praying that Ted doesn't screw up... :-)
Two weeks ago our sweet dog Molly took the dreaded trip to the animal shelter. She had arthritis really bad. She wouldn't go down stairs anymore so she was pottying at the top of the stairs. And just watching her get up from lying down was heartbreaking. I couldn't bear seeing her get worse everyday. The whole family went to take her to the shelter. On the way home we got the kids an icecream cone and Daesha cried the whole way home while letting the icecream melt down her hand. It was a very sad day for our family. Ted wouldn't admit it but I saw a few tears from him too.
Daesha is graduating from preschool this week. She will be singing the pink song in the graduation program. Hopefully I can have my computer fixed by then and can put the video on here. She has recently had a growth spurt and has grown even taller!!
She is a sweet little thing with a little bit of sass. She makes me smile.
Keegan is... well lets put it this way. I put him up for sale on facebook. :-) He has recently started hitting, spitting, and throws things in fits of anger. He is constantly getting into things he shouldn't and runs everywhere. I literally have my hands full of a wiggly fussy boy who is getting way to big to control. It's a good thing that he is cute and has a few happy moments a couple times a week.
We have 1 month before the towns parade. And we are on the float commitee. So we will be very busy getting that done this month. I also will be starting a new job next week working for the adoption agency we adopted Keegan through. I am SUPER excited about it.
We have been enjoying the warm weather and loving the outdoors. Here are a few pictures taken on some fun adventures.

Visiting Temple Square in Salt Lake.

Having fun up American Fork Canyon

Ted took the kids on a 4-wheeler ride. While they stopped for a lunch break they found a dead squirel. Ted let Daesha poke it with a stick!

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I really enjoy reading your posts!! Keagan looks so cute in his frowny face picture!!