Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Wedding in DECEMBER!!

Crazy! A wedding in December. But it was the only time they could get married. Between school and all. None the less I was really excited to fly to California for my nephews wedding on December 19th. It was a fast trip (just for the weekend) Just me and Teds frequent flyer miles. I had such a great time hanging with my brothers. Also got to have lunch over at my sister-in-laws parents house. It was great to see them and Heidi's sisters too. I especially loved the weather... 70 degrees by 10 am. 78 by 2 pm. It was wonderful!

For the boys bachelor party they went target shooting. Here they are just before the wedding.

Newport Beach Temple was really pretty. The temple was not built very high. It was the closest I have seen the angel. Pretty cool.

The reception was really nice. Here is my cute nephew and his beautiful new bride dancing their first dance as husband and wife.
My nephew and his Mom dancing. I think she was giggling because she was on the verge of tears :-) My nephews new wife and her Dad didn't hold up as well. They had lots of tears as they danced. So sweet.

My other nephew Jared tore up the dance floor. Taking off his jacket while dancing swave'

Good Times! I must say those California kids can do a pretty fun wedding.

My flight to California had alot of turbulence the entire way. I was actually starting to feel a little sick by the time we landed. So I was hoping the flight back would be a bit more smooth. It was. But just getting on was interesting... Our portal was in a little trailor. I had to leave the actual airport and walk out to this little plane. I have never been on such a small plane. So I took a picture.... Ted could have tossed me ontop of this thing it was so small!!!!

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Jenifer said...

Looks like you had a blast! CA wedding are very fun LOL