Monday, May 30, 2011

Things Didn't Work Out As Planned

Today we had planned a fun filled day! The day ended up being a real hastle.
Ted took the day off and we were going fishing no matter what the weather. We first headed to Cabela's to get both kids their own fishing poles. We have gone enough that they can pretty much handle their own poles. Ted still has to bait them but from there they can cast and reel it in like a pro. Daesha picked a pink Barbie one. Keegan picked a blue Star Wars one.
The day was pretty dreary. Cloudy and windy. About 50 degrees. We headed to our favorite spot at Utah Lake. The road was flooded out because we have gotten go much rain. But as we turned around we saw a spot that might work. It was down a small muddy hill. Ted's famous last words ... "we have 4-wheel drive" After getting down to the spot we decided that it wasn't a good spot so we headed back up the muddy slope. Only to slide back down. Up again. Then we turned sideways and slid back down again!!!! We spent the next 40 minutes trying to get back up the hill. I was so scared. But I kept silent because Ted was getting really mad. Finally he gunned it and BOOM! We heard a huge bang on the underside of the Suburban. No, that didn't stop Ted. He kept going and got us up the hill and kept on driving. So I asked, "Are you going to check what that bang was?" He stopped and saw that the step bar was missing. Lovely. We aren't ones to litter so he walked over to the hill picked up the muddy step bar and threw it in the Suburban. We drove a little further and found a beach picnic area. The lake was so high that waves were splashing up onto the cement pad were the picnic tables were. It was crazy! We started to unload the chairs, poles and all the other fishing gear. The tip of Teds fishing pole snapped in the off road adventure we had. I felt so bad for him. He wasn't having a good morning so far. We were well prepared and bundled up but after being out by the water added with the wind it felt more like 30 degrees. Our hands must have been pretty numb from the cold because as Daesha sent out her first cast I saw something pink flying across the sky. I looked over to see Daesha's brand new pink Barbie fishing pole sink under the surface! Poor Daesha started to cry. It was out way too far to rescue.
We spent 1 hour fishing. Daesha reeled in 2 catfish on Teds broken pole. Keegan cast his out a few times and then got too cold and wanted to go home. On the way home we stopped at Cafe Rio were I have become insanely addicted to the shredded pork soft tacos. Yummmm.
Once home I decided to tell Daesha something she would be excited about. She has been dying to take lunch to school all year. Each time I have told her no. Mainly because we got help from the school this year for lunches because Ted was out of work for so long at the beginning of the year. Another reason is because I try really hard to raise Non-Picky eaters. My kids don't have to like what they are eating but they will eat what they are given. I decided for the last week of school Daesha would be able to take a lunch to school. She was so excited when I told her. We even went to Old Navy and she picked a Smurfette lunchbox.
When we got home she headed off to watch some TV. I headed to do my daily workout on the Kinect. She came down with a wildly crazy story about her glasses needing to be tight. Blah, blah, blah... Then pulled them from behind her back. They were broken in half! BROKE--IN--HALF!!!! I probably wouldn't have been upset if this was her 1st issue with the glasses. But it's not. She pulls the nose pads off every month. And just today I noticed that they were scratched up pretty bad. I shouldn't have said that it was probably time to get in to get new ones. Because apparently she thought that at 6 o'clock we could go and get new ones. And she was telling Ted and I a really sketchy story about how it happened. So to punish for mistreating her glasses as well as telling a lie, she doesn't get to have her lunch box. We now needed to use that money to buy new glasses. I know it's not the whole truth but she doesn't under stand that a lunchbox costs far less than glasses. Its the consequence we were trying to teach here. I did feel bad for the poor girl, she has had a pretty sad day.
A few minutes after we told her she had to return her lunch box she came into my room with a handful of change. All she had left from her Birthday. $2.14 to be exact. I asked her what this was for and she said to buy her lunchbox. Cute. My heart says to let her keep it. But then she may not learn from this little experience. So do I let her keep the lunchbox? I told her that the lunch box cost more money than what she had. But like I said before she hasn't grasps money. What would you do?????

Pictures at the lake.

First catch of the day. The catfish had swallowed the hook and Ted couldn't get it out.

I know its cruel to take a picture of Keegan screaming in fear instead of consoling him.

(I promise I did after I took the picture) Thing is, Ted wasn't even doing anything to provoke such terror. Keegan has always hated the fish. If my intuition is right, Keegan won't be joining his Dad on any hunting trips when he is older.

The missing step bar...

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