Thursday, September 15, 2011

Keegan And Me.. And Other People Too

I have the best nieces in the world! All I have to do is make one suggestion that I'd like to visit and they are always eager to plan a day with me. I just feel very grateful that they still want to hang out with their aunt instead of what I'm sure is a more youthful, energetic crowd they usually spend their days with.

So while Daesha was at school Keegan and I headed up to Ogden to play at the Treehouse Museum with my 2 nieces and their kids. We all had a great time playing for 3 hours before we decided to head out for Pizza. It was such a fun day! Love you guys to death!!!

In the picture below Keegan has his hand up and is rocking back and forth! He made 8 seconds :)

Keegan spotted R2D2 in the crowd. This wall painting had some other recognizable characters from various Tv shows. I had only been to this museum once before and I didn't even notice the wall. Or maybe I forgot.

Keegan liked the puppet stage. Such a boy to just throw the animals out the window while yelling things like "I can fly! No wait I Can't!.... AHHHHH!

He thought this was the funniest thing in our whole day.

A gaming screen full of educational games. What does Keegan pick? Angry Birds. He played this for 10 minutes before I had to break the Angry Bird hypnosis with an engaging coloring craft.

ARRR! Being pirates with one eye closed. Maddie wasn't sure if she could pull it off..

She gets extra applause for trying and looking so dang cute while doing it!

More puppet throwing fun for Keegan. He kept throwing it up over and over and laughing at how and where it would land.

This picture looks like the puppet is reaching down to pull Keegan up! hahahaha

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Kerra 'n' Josh said...

I love this post! We have to try and keep up with you auntie... Love ya lots.. THanks for sharing!