Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pinterest Projects

Daesha and I spent an afternoon wrapping yarn around forks and making little pompoms. Thanks to the creative people on Pinterest I found this cute idea to make an Angry Birds activity. It was fun to make and even a little fun to play with. But the fun quickly died out after building cup towers and throwing a few birds and then throwing a few at each other. Keegan has played with them the most. I'm not sure this was a craft I would suggest making. Sure it's cute but for the amount of time it took to make several pom poms. Well, I just don't think it got the most playing time I was expecting it to get. So this will most likely go into the future white elephant gift.

While my creative juices are flowing from seeing all the fun and creative ideas on Pinterest I realized I needed a better way to store my earrings and necklaces. I was leaning toward something like a picture frame with a screen. Then you just poke the earrings through or hang hooks in it for your necklaces.
One day while I was doing some alone ME time I took a drive to Hobby Lobby. I found the best metal wall decor that would work AWESOME for my jewelery. Seriously this has worked so great for both my necklaces AND earrings!!!! And I just have to brag a bit and say I am practically brilliant!

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