Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Ted and I had a few gifts for the kids. But we were blessed with Santa Helpers. The bikes came from our elf Thor! (not from us)
The kids making a game plan....
Keegan decided to do the unthinkable and open his gift from Santa first! He got what he asked Santa for. A monkey Happy Napper.

He was very pleased.

Here is Daesha opening her Santa gift. She also asked for a Happy Napper. She got the Lady Bug. I couldn't get this girl to look at me for 2 seconds. She was far too excited to pause for a picture.

Finally I got them to look at the camera!

All the gifts unwrapped and on display. I love this idea of taking a picture of what they got instead of listing every single item.

Keegans gifts.You can still see the excitement about the Happy Napper. Of all the gifts I wouldn't have thought that one would take the favorite!

I got exactly what I wanted! A camera, Kinect Micheal Jackson dance game, stuff for my new library, bracelets from Daesha, and the green cup is from Keegan ;)

Ted got another Xbox controller, Xbox games, A movie from Keegan, and a football piggy bank from Daesha.
After everything is unwrapped we take a break and have breakfast and get ready for the day. Then it's play all day!!!!

Daesha was really excited to get her friend across the street to play with all her new Monster High dolls.

Daesha's new bike is slightly too tall. She was using the curb to get on but still had a hard time pushing off....

I felt bad and went out to give her a hand. She was so thrilled with her new bike once she was up and going. By this spring I am sure she will have grown enough that she can get on without any help.
Later in the afternoon we had a visit from Ted's Mom and Dad. They wanted to see what the kids got and they also had one last gift for Ted and I. A bullet to mix our healthy chocolate drinks everyday!

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