Monday, June 18, 2012

Made It 5 years!!!

I really need to work on the lack of pictures lately.
We have been to the Searle cabin with my niece Amanda and her family. Dinner and splash pads with Kerra and her family. And not a single photo. I haven't had the chance to say "OK everyone lets take a moment from all the fun and take some pictures!"

I did get out the camera for some pictures and even some video at Keegans birthday. I can't believe he is 5 years old. YEs, we made it! Five Whole Years!!! Some Mom's may say it just flies by. This boy does not make anyones day fly by. Keegan is hard to understand most days. But incredibly so easy to love. Glad that is on our side because we are all lucky he has made it to age 5. Just kidding. Sorta. I'm hoping the next 5 will get easier for me. He sure loves to test my ability to parent.

Keegan got to have 2 parties. One at my sisters and one at my in-laws.
Keegan got to put the candles on his own cake. He counted out loud as he put them in 1-2-3-4-5!
 Keegan LOVES Star Wars!!!!
 And Utah Utes....
 Keegan got a little bash talk when he put on the hat his sister got for him. But Keegan must be a true fan. He didn't mind and even gave a little back by telling his uncle Scott "BYU SMELLS LIKE POO!!!"
Keegan also got a Star Wars trooper action figure, helicopter thingy, and punching balloons from Lamb family. An airplane Transformer from Gibson Family. And Aunt Val got him a bear necklace she picked up on their trip to Alaska.

Then it was the "Friend/Christiansen Party" Keegan wanted what he called a REAL party with hats and plates. He wanted a Monkey party. So that's what he got. We served Hawaiian Haystacks because he loves rice. And of course he wouldn't eat because he was too excited about presents and playing with his friends. The Gines got Keegan a Star Wars Lego set. The Wootton's got him a Lego monster truck set. The Adams got him a Star Wars Lego set too! Keegan was in heaven.

Ashlynn and Megan ready to PARTAY!

Keegan has 2 friends he just adores. Dillan and Brock. Here is Keegan with Dill, so sad I didn't get a picture of the 3 boys.

Keegans picked a Star Wars cake. Of course. He didn't even realize that he was getting the exact same figures that was on his birthday cake last year. Only his mother would remember that.
PS A special thanks to my niece Shaylynn. She saved the day and had a stash of birthday candles. Thanks again Shay!

Thanks for showing Keegan he is loved. We love you all!

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