Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bow Hunt 2013

On our way! And we are so excited!!!!
The start of Ephraim canyon...almost there!!!

Keegan and Logan playing on the zip line.

I was so glad Daesha was old enough to stop herself. I was always too afraid to let the kids slam into someone to stop them from hitting the tree at the bottom.

George and I are twins!

The kids spend the entire day catching grasshopper. Noah just went around smashing them with a log for the campfire.

Daesha came up with the idea to keep the little hoppers from jumping away. She pulled the hopping legs right off!!! The little toddlers loved it because they could hold the bugs until the poor things died a torturous death. I thought it was funny that Daesha's cousin Gage was too tenderhearted to pull off there legs himself so he would bring them to Daesha and she would do it for him.

This year the animal hunt was fun for us. Daesha got in this bear suit and gave a little startle to one of the kids when they ran up so excited they had found such a BIG animal.

Sunday community meal line.

Sunday church meeting.

And the candy hunt.

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