Saturday, March 29, 2014

Keegans Birthday

He is 6 years old!
This year we invited his closest friends to his favorite park. Neptune Park.
Some fun facts about 6 year old Keegan are:

1. This boy eats, sleeps, and dreams about the game Minecraft.
2. His favorite animal is a tiger.
3. He is dying to move to China when he grows up.
4. China is were he plans to be a cop.
5. He LOVES cotton candy.
6. He has a funny sense of humor.
7. But he doesn't like when people laugh.
8. Enjoys LEGOS but prefers his super hero action figures.
9. Gives the best snuggles and hugs when he is in the mood.
10. Absolutely hates spiders.

Keegans best buds: Noah (cousin), Brock, Ethan, Gage (cousin), Keegan, and Dylan.

Minecraft theme party

The amazing rope pyramid. Even Ted can't resist the urge to climb to the top!

3 little boys being spun on a ring. 2 fell off...

a then there was 1. 1 brave little boy who kept yelling, "FASTER, TED!!!"

I thought this rice crispy treat would be fun to make a makeshift Minecraft scene. Fun to play with. Not so much fun to eat.

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