Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ALL MINE! I mean.. Ours.

Keegan 6 month photo

Yesterday was a great day for our family! We went to court to finalize Keegans adoption. This time we had a female judge. She was very nice. We were allowed to video tape the session and we also got an audio of the procedings. Keegan was in such a good mood he just smiled and babbled and kept screaming throughout the session. The judge laughed and said, "Well, I can see that he is happy".

This time was much easier for us since we have done this already. But it seemed to be a bit longer. I think we were there for an hour compared to 30 minutes with Daesha. Daesha was a good girl I hardly noticed her there. The judge told her thank you for being such a good girl, and she just smiled. I dont think she was being shy. She was sick. She was up all night coughing and this morning she had goopy eyes. After court I called and got her an appointment with the Dr. And he got her some eye drops and cough meds without codiene. Darn!

Any way the best part of the day was to hear the judge say,

"It is hereby ordered and decreed by the court that Baby Davis shall be known as Keegan Davis Christiansen and parental rights of the birth parents are hereby terminated. And that Ted and Chandra Christiansen are fit and proper parents to have the care, control, and custody of Keegan. Congratulations."

At that point I wanted to leap out of my chair and cheer. This cute little boy is part of our family. We are so lucky to have him.


Debbi said...

WOWOWOHOOO! I hope you can hear my excitment all the way from Iowa! I am so excited for you guys, my only sad thing is I'm sad I missed seeing it! I am so happy for Keegan! What a cutie!

Debbi said...

ok, I just went back and clicked on the picture of Keegan to blow it up and Noah was soo excited! He kept pointing at the screen and clapping his hands, I think he is very excited to know that Keegan is his cousin forever now!

The Perry Family said...

i'm so happy for you guys!!! congratulations, what a great christmas present!

Kim said...

It was so amazing to be there. Thanks for inviting me. I'm so glad that it's official on paper, now he just needs to be sealed and blessed.

Sarah said...

AHHHH so exciting! Congratulations, that must have been HUGE!