Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dear Santa..

The other night Daesha was looking through the Toys R Us catalog and was telling me what she wanted for Christmas. A couple days later she was telling me from memory what she liked. I thought it was so dang cute I had to have you all hear her list. How can I say no to this sweet little angel? And how can I afford all those gifts?? And how do I help her understand that's not what Christmas is about? Well she IS only 3 years old. But for a 3 year old she is going to have her 1st real let down. She won't be getting everything on her list.

Incase you didn't understand her 3 year old language this is what's on her list..
1. A car
2. Princess Kitchen
3. Bicycle
4. Hannah Montana Stuff
5. Train Table
6. Leap Frog
7. Camera
8. Little Animals
9. Computer


Debbi said...

"I am already a good girl!!!" That is my favorite line! What a cutie, I miss you guys! I can't believe she can remember all those things!

The Perry Family said...

just let her know that santa might not can carry everything but she might get some on her birthday or something and go to the after christmas sales and get them on sale. that is what i do for lauren. her birthday is in may, but i go after christmas and get the stuff and already have it ready when may comes around!

Kristin said...

Hooray I found your blog! What a little Diva you have on your hands there. Good luck with that list :)