Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ted is 35!

Today is Teds 35th birthday. I really like doing videos lately. So here are alot of pictures of Ted (I got alittle carried away and I downloaded a ton of pictures)
I also wanted to list 35 of my favorite things about Ted. And maybe some things you didn't know about him.
1. He is adventurous and a kid at heart.
2. Very handy and smart when it comes to fixing things.
3. Loves a challenge.
4. Mama's boy.
5. I love that he loves his parents. And my family too.
6. Favorite all time movie is, Last of the Mohicans.
7. Excellent cook. Especially stir fry.
8. Allergic to animals. And he still let me get a dog.
9. He doesn't retain info on actors, singers, or anything pertaining to so called celebrities. He just doesn't care.
10. Truely believes "The one with the most toys wins"..right now he is loosing but only by a bit. :-)
11. Loves the outdoors and will try any outdoor sport or activity once.
12. Still on his list of things to do before he dive, scuba dive, see volcano up close, build a house with secret doors and passage ways, become a millionaire.
13. Wishes he could HUNT (professionally) bear,cougar..well the list goes on and on in this particular category.
14. Blows his nose in the shower...I know GROSS!
15. Hates Christmas music. Don't know what this stems from???
16. Likes the Dixie Chicks!
17. Loves to go to the movies. But it must have fighting or be scary.
18. Still needs help matching his clothes.
19. Calls Velcro "velcore"
20. Favorite foods include mushrooms,shrimp,and every kind of meat.
21. Jobs he would enjoy... S.W.A.T, Crime scene investigator, Bomb squad of some sort just so he can blow stuff up, Surgical Doctor but only on persons in emergency room-the messier the better.
22. It's nearly impossible to make Ted feel embarrassed.
23. Born and raised in the same house in Lehi, Utah.
24. favorite color is green.
25. In high school he hung out with the "party crowd" but never even tried a drink or cirgarette. He was always the designated driver.
26. Never heard a girl Fart till he met me :-)
27. Got tricked into going to a gay club..and got hit on, TWICE!!!
28. Loves watching people and making fun of strangers.
29. Actually enjoys public speaking, talks, training, etc.
30. Got sent to the principles office in 2nd grade for standing on his chair and sticking his finger out his pants zipper.
31. Went to Portland, Oregon on his LDS mission.
32. When Ted is angry or stressed out he goes quiet.
33. Jokes alot but usually offends people.
34. In high school Ted was on the football team, and threw javelin on the track team.
and #35. He is the BEST husband in the entire world!!! I love you so much Ted.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Ted!!! I loved the slide show. Chandra has really unveiled your life to the world. I especially loved the pink shirt and mc hammer pants. George and I want to take you guys to dinner for your birthday.

Debbi said...

Happy Birthday Ted! We'll be calling later! To bad we aren't there to make him feel old! haha! I love the post and the pictures, you might need to help me find some good ones like these for Wade's birthday!

The Perry Family said...

happy birthday!! i loved the mullet back in the day and the happy hour clock on the wall in the pic of him in his cast!