Wednesday, December 19, 2007

first foods

Keegan is such a big boy. He drinks his bottles in record time! I am not joking. Everytime I feed him infront of people they always say "Wow he was really hungry" no thats just how fast he eats. So when it was time to give him his first taste of baby food I thought he would just love it. First we tried peas, hated that. So then we tried applesauce, too tart. In a couple days we will have to try sweet potatos thats always a babies fav right? Here is video of the first foods. so funny!


Debbi said...

HAHA! ok, it looks as if you are trying to feed him poison! HOW funny! I love the first video! Also I want to click on your family picure and see it closer, so you have to post it in a post - please please please! :) I'm still working on possibly coming there for the 5th!

The Perry Family said...

jackson would only eat sweet potatoes and squash! lauren would only eat the dessert ones. kids are funny!

Kristin said...

I love your family picture, cute, cute kids!