Wednesday, April 30, 2008

8 things I am passionate about...
1. Ted
2. Keegan and Daesha
3. Living gospel principles every day
4. Keeping a clean house
5. Keeping a clean car
6. Scrapbooking
7. Shopping
8. LIFE!

8 songs I can listen to over and over again and never get sick of
1. My Humps - Black Eyed Peas
2. Annie's Song - John Denver
3. Under Pressure - Queen
4. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
5. Lucky - Britney Spears
6. Hero or Escape- Enrique Iglesias
7. Beautiful Girl - Sean Kingston
8. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Culture Club

The past 8 books I've read...
1. Twilight
2. New Moon
3. Eclipse
4. At First Sight
5. It's All Good Hair
6. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
7. Rich Woman
8. given I am LDS...Book of Mormon.

8 Things I say...
1. What the crap!
2. Are you serious?
3. Hurry up
4. Don't Charlie
5. I love you
6. Do you need a nap?
7. Wash your hands
8. Ok I say "like" alot.

8 things that attracts me to a friend...
1. Funny
2. Cute
3. Rich
4. Just kidding... As long as they are trustworthy and kind. I consider them a friend.

8 random things about me...
1. Obsessed with a clean and germ free house
2. divulged this in a previous post.. I like the smell of rubber. Especially bouncy balls.
3. Wish I could have a closet of shoes. I only own 10.
4. Hate to cook
5. Love to stay up late
6. Hate to be late
7. I like reality TV shows
8. Love to drive around and look at houses

8 things I want to do before I die...
1. Go to Hawaii
2. Tour Europe
3. Buy my dream house
4. See my kids be successful
5. Be a good mom and wife
6. Stay healthy
7. Learn to play the piano
8. Meet John Travolta

8 things I've learned this past year...
1. That Ted will never remove his boots after coming in the house no matter how much I ask.
2. You can live off salad, carrots, celery, tortilla chips, and chicken only. But not recommended.
3. Giving attention to a 4 year old while a 10 month old needs every minute is hard work. And I hear it gets harder?!
4. Giving attention to a husband who wants to talk when he gets home from work is also hard work. When all I want to do is take a nap. I know it sounds terrible!
5. Be grateful for ALL my blessings.
6. The gospel may be the same where ever you go but the members are not.
7. My Heavenly Father loves me and blesses our family everyday.
8. Wrinkles aren't so bad, they just show where the smiles have been.


Debbi said...

john travolta? really? I never knew that. I love these tag things, reading them is fun. So, should I try to pack some scrapbook stuff for this trip? I have some archivers coupons for free cardstock that you can use if I don't bring my stuff....since I'll be there during the months they are good.

Bret Bushman Family said...

I thought the same thing...John Travolta? but you like who you like right...I talked to Kerrilyn and she said Sat night, Sun night or Mon night...which one works for you? loved reading your 8's

Kim said...

Okay, we have been best friends for how long, and I didn't know about the John Travolta thing either. I thought it was Michael Jackson or something. What do you mean this trustworthy stuff, I thought I was the cute and funny one!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! I never knew you wanted to learn to play piano, I used to teach! You should come over sometime! I miss you!

PS: Kiegan was SO cute at church looking over Ted's shoulder with his big brown eyes!!