Monday, May 12, 2008

Got Dirt?

This weekend we went to one of our favorite places in Utah. MOAB! We left on Thursday morning and came home Sunday night. On Thursday we arrived before check in time at the hotel. So we went for a little ride. (3 hours) It was Keegan's first time on the 4-wheeler and he really liked it alot. We got to use his car seat in the back of the Rhino. And Daesha rode with Ted. We went to a place called "Top Of The World". It was a beautiful view from there. I used to like looking over the sheer drop offs and toss rocks off the cliffs. But I found that I wasn't so excited to get close to the edge. The protective mother in me was aparent this trip. Because my heart was beating every time Daesha let go of my hand. Poor girl probably had the blood stop circulating in her hand from me holding it so tight. Ted hasn't gotten to this point yet. He was throwing rocks and trees over the edge.

On Friday we went for another ride to "Fins and Things". I loved this ride it was alot of big steep rocky hills and lots of scary spots that made the ride exciting. I got to drive the Rhino with Ted's mom as my passenger. She was so dang scared. I felt really bad for her but I was laughing at her too. She even said Shit once! HAHA. Sorry Betty I just thought it was so funny! Now if my kids start to say shit I know who they heard it from!!! HEHE.
Saturday we went on a ride called "Hey Joe's Canyon" We decided to put Daesha's car seat in the Rhino too. She loved riding in the back and watching all the action behind us. Grandpa Kent rode behind us most of the way. He said that Daesha was either talking or singing the whole time. It was a very dusty ride to a mine that I never did see. Ted saw it and said it wasn't spectacular. But it was a fun ride along the Colorado river.
I couldn't believe how good the kids were the entire weekend. When we go on rides we pack our lunches and snacks and go all day. Keegan never cried once. The first night in the hotel both kids slept perfectly. The second night I woke to Keegan making motor sounds in his bed. After a few minutes I shushed him and he stopped for a couple seconds and started up again. This went on for an entire hour! Ted kept laughing at him. He's a proud Dad, he said he must be dreaming about riding the wheeler.
Daesha always cries when we are packing up to go home. She loves staying in hotels and going to the pool every day. She got a bit too confident this time and jumped in the deep end. A boy about 9 or 10 years old jumped in and got her out. I told the boy thanks for saving my daughter and he said, "your welcome. That was pretty cool huh." Don't worry Deasha was fine, she wasn't even scared. Little stinker!
On the way home we went on a hunt for ant hills. Yes, ant hills. These ants collect prehistoric shark teeth for their ant hills. After finding the place from GPS cordinates. We did find some Itty Bitty shark teeth. Such a very interesting trip. From driving all hours of the day to searching and picking at ant hills while trying not to disturb the red ants. And trying not to step on cactus. Which Daesha did. And Kent got a flat tire on his trailor. But the trip was worth it. Daesha with the help of her Dad found 2 horny toads. We told her she had to let them go before we leave so that they could go back to their family and of course she cried. She told us that because she had two they could be a family. Can't argue there. So now she has 2 lizards and 10 butterflies in her room. Plus a handful of dried up rolly polly bugs.


Debbi said...

Chandra! How funny, I love reading your posts. Really, I was cracking up and trying to hold it in that betty said that. Gage will want to know what I"m laughing at and it kills my stomach to funny. Also that is so ted to throw stuff off the edge! You know me, I would have been freaking out way more than you! Little keegan is so big I can't wait to see him - and Gage will be very excited to see Daesha's dried up rolly polly colletion because I never let him keep them after they die!

Anonymous said...

Those are AMAZING photos, Chandra! I especially love the one with Ted holding up Daesha against the sky. Gorgeous! Looks like you had a blast :)

Youngblood4ever said...

Love all of the pictures! They are wonderful. Looks like you all had such a fun time.