Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No news is good news...

Nothing but excitement around here..


Daesha may hold the neighborhood record for holding the most rolly polly bugs at one time.

This was only 8. She has had way more but I wouldn't let her get near me let alone bring them all in the house.

Feeding the goats even though she has a look on her face like she

may loose her finger any moment.

Watching Dad edge the yard. I guess it was very sunny and noisy. Keegans first grip of the fishing rod.
Did I raise a boy or girl?? Daesha loves all creepy and crawly things.


Debbi said...

I love the ear phone things - how funny. and the rolly polly bugs, gage came home and started collecting bugs, just like daesha! I'll have to post about it sometime. Also - I bought photoshop yeserday. when I figure it out maybe I'll try making you header

Kim said...

Yeah for Keegan. You can see his teeth so good in that picture. Okay, so the roly poly picture and the worm picture kind of makes me squeamish. Brandon needs to be around Daesha a lot more. He seems to cry if bees fly by.

The Perry Family said...

1st things 1st...ewwww!!! I'm a total girly girl and am scared of ALL bugs, well except a fly and a mosquito! haha They are both the cutest kiddos!!! I'm still mad about the whole Gap thing! haha

Anonymous said...

You've got such an eye for photography, Chandra! Great pix of the fam - and whatta smile Keegan has! Lights up his whole face.