Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tag!? Was I playing TAG???

Crap! I knew I should have done this a couple weeks ago when I first got tagged by Shauna but I got too busy. Then I got tagged again by Julie. So enjoy this little peek into my house... by the way who the heck came up with this? Someone who wants to see if we have anything worth stealing??? Well we certainly dont. So here it goes..

The Rules:NO CLEANING/CHEATING What you see is the real thing!

#1-The Refrigerator: The clear bag on the very bottom is corn on the cob. I think it is turning black!! Maybe I should take those out...

#2-the Kitchen Sink: Most of you are surprised! Yes there ARE dishes in the sink!!

#3-the Toilet: I have 3 toilets. I easily could have taken a picture of the one used the least but nope I used the one used the most. And this week it's used the most by me. I bet you can see why!

#4-My bed:

#5-Self Portrait:No self timer here. just the good ol' arm stretched out maneuver.

#6-My favorite shoes: Prefer barefeet! But if I had to choose it would definately be my brown flipflops. Still dirty from camping this last weekend.

#7-What my kids are doing right now: Daesha is playing with friends in the back yard.
Keegan is yelling "mama" in his bed. Just got done with a nap that just wasn't long enough.

#8-My closet:

#9-My favorite room in the house: My favorite room is my bedroom because I can relax there. but since that was already on the list of pictures to take I chose my computer desk/scrapbooking room.

#10-Someplace I'd like to go on vacation: Europe! I want to see it ALL! The castles the museums and cathedrals the coast line, a real tuscany village, windmills, the lush green hills of Scotland. I could go on and on. Here are some pictures of places I would like to see..

Now as the game goes I am to tag someone else. I really hate to chase after people. so I am leaving it up in the air and letting someone "volunteer" to be it.

By the way it was pretty fun doing this tag.


Debbi said...

wow, you are brave for putting a picture of your refrigerator. I might do this one tomorrow - it does look like a fun tag though! way different then the normal ones.

The Perry Family said...

I wish I could do this neat!! But seeing that I'm homeless and all, I will just have to do it later! I love the color of your kitchen!! What color is that exactly? I need to steal! Love the kotex by the way! :) OH, and your hair is gorgeous!

Kim said...

Hey, that was a fun tag. I think I will have to try it too.

Nad'a said...

I love your fridge. Its full of stuff that you'll never make :)

Youngblood4ever said...

Thanks for doing the tag. Your house is great. Impressed with how clean it is. Now I feel like a really messy person!