Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Lesson Learned

Daesha in her matter of fact voice.
"Mom, did you know that faith and obedience give us power."
"It does? What kind of power?"
"Faith and obedience come and go into our TV and then it works"


Debbi said...

OH, how Gage wishes it worked that way - I have come to unplugging the tv a lot this past week. Daesha cracks me up, that is soo funny!

Mindi B said...

Hey Chandra, I saw a link to your blog from Facebook and wanted to check it out - SO CUTE! Your family is darling and I love reading kid's perceptions of things. I'm definitely putting a link to this site from mine (hope you don't mind). I am a new blogger and am loving finding more about all the people around me. We see each other at Church and all, but it is fun to see what others are up to in between.