Saturday, July 19, 2008

Daesha got tagged

When you have nothing else to blog about these tags come in handy. Daesha got tagged by a friend, so this morning we talked and I found out some new things about Daesha. Here is some things that make up our little DAESHA!
Favorite activities
Walking my Dog
Playing with my friends
Playing with you (we were playing with her pollypockets)
Playing with my doll house
Finding bugs and butterflies
Swimming at the pool
Camping and riding the Rhino (oh oh I think she likes the rhino better than the 4-wheeler)

Favorite Movies/TV Shows
Nacho Libre
Teen Titans
Jake Long the American Dragon
Any super hero cartoon. Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc.

Favorite Places to go
The mall
Baba's house (my sister Val)

Favorite Vacations

Favorite things to eat
Mac and Cheese
Pizza with Pepperoni

What she wants to be when she grows up
First she said a cook. Then she said a Dentist -it's true!

Favorite Preschool Activities
Coloring and cutting
Circle time
Now it's Daesha's turn to tag someone else and she tags:

One of my favorite videos. Daesha has the funniest hair!!! She loved getting what she called "pokies" done in her hair.

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Kim said...

Oh my gosh. Her hair is so funny. Thanks for the tag. Colton will have to answer sometime soon.