Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bow Hunt 2008

Me and my BFF :-)Kim... check out our new trailer behind us! Isn't is "groovy".

Kids getting ready for the candy hunt.

Ok who gave Daesha all that candy?? Tyler did you help Daesha?

A view of our modern day coral of wagons. I believe the people count this year was 68.

Daesha with her new wild animal. Every year we let the kids have a little hunt of their own. We have a wild animal hunt for the kids! Each kid brings an animal for the moms to hide. Daesha has always loved it. But in such a big group there are sometimes a few who are NOT happy with their animal.

Daesha playing in Keegans playpin.

This weekend was the opening weekend for the deer bow hunt. Ted came home last week and said he'd found a trailer. We went for a ride to take a look at it and ended up driving it home that night. It's an old trailer and needed a little TLC. Ted got it for a steal. It's not a toy hauler like we were wanting but it does have a hitch on the back so we can pull the wheeler trailer too. Daesha was chanting on the way home, "We have a trailer, we have a trailer" She also felt that we should name it. She came up with KOOLAID. Which is very appropriate considering the many red and orange colors inside and out. I didn't take too many pictures this year. It was alot colder than it has been in the years past, so I stayed in the trailer alot. I rarely saw Daesha the entire weekend. She stayed outside all day playing with her cousins and friends. The men didn't get a single deer (because they are too picky and only go for the big boys) But they say that the deer were plenty and a few of them got some shots off. Daesha and I were video taping us dancing in the trailer. Sorry I will not be putting my no makeup, dirty hair, and sweats moves on here. But I cant help putting Daesha on, she has some moves! Keegan is getting in on the fun too.
This video is entitled so you think you can dance...


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast on your your trip!

Kim said...

that video is sooo funny!!  I laughed when Daesha started moving her hips side to side.