Sunday, October 19, 2008

Long weekend. Still fun

While Ted is gone hunting this UEA weekend the kids and I have had fun. (only 1 more day till he gets home)

It started off with my friend Kim leaving her 3 kids over on Wednesday night. I freaked myself out before they came. I wasn't completely sure I could handle 5 kids. But it was great. Brandon, Colton, and Megan all behaved so good. Except the gallon of pee I discovered all over the bathroom floor. Colton didn't make it to the bathroom. I walked right through it! SO SICK!!!
Daesha asked me if she could have some chores to do every day. She wanted to wash the walls. So I gave her a paper towel and she wanted a sponge and a bucket of water. I think she's been watching Annie too much. The crazy thing is I am not ready for her to have chores. It's stupid but my reason is that she won't do it right or very well. I will have to go back and do it anyway. But I guess if she wants to help and I guess it's the only way to teach her... anyway
On Friday I went to lunch with my Mother-in-law and Sis-in-laws. After lunch we went to some quilting shops where I got some fabric for some Christmas stockings I am making this year.
Saturday I went to visit a friend I have not seen in years! It was so much fun to catch up!!
That afternoon Kim invited me and the kids to go up the canyon for dinner. It was a ton of fun. George did all the work. Packing in the food, the chairs, starting the fire, taking the kids for a walk, gathered leaves for Daesha's school. And he even cooked our hotdogs for us. What a great guy.
Deasha started complaining of a sore throat and just wanted me to hold her most of the day. She kept telling me she missed her Dad. Poor thing. Hopefully she doesn't get too sick. Today she seems to be ok.

Daesha and Brandon walking on the boulders

Daesha and Colton looking for pine cones

Colton eating Smores

The Boys


Chelsey said...

It's Chelsey, I found you on Robyn's blog. Call me tomorrow I am off and we will meet up so you can get this bracelet!

Debbi said...

seriously, so gross about the pee, but it must be a boy thing, I can't tell you how many times I've done the exact thing. what's up with that. Wish we could be there spending time with all this fall weather - sure you don't want to drive up here and visit?