Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa's got it in the bag!

Incase you were ever thinking that growing a big white beard and working for one month out of the entire year was a good idea. Well, one particular "santa" here started on December 1st. And will work every day Monday through Sunday until Christmas Eve. He arrives at the local mall at 10 am. And leaves at 8 pm. He takes 2 45 minute breaks each day. I wanted to ask what he made in the single month of December. But I didn't. Then theres the children who's parents drag them to the mall screaming just to pay 25 bucks to get a picture with santa and in return you get a candy cane and a stupid book about satelites and how they can track santa on Christmas Eve. I think this must be the worst job EVER! None the less this Santa was very sweet and talked to Daesha way longer than he needed to.
While waiting in line there were fun things for kids to do and activities to learn about satelites. Daesha has seen satelites in the sky. She loves pointing them out with her Dad when we go camping. But for some reason today she was afraid of satelites. She wanted to know if one would fall on our house and she said they looked scary. She must have thought they were just a light in the sky. And didn't realize it was a big metal thing. After alot of comforting and explaining she still went to bed tonight scared of satelites.

Daesha's letter to Santa. All in her own words.

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Jennifer Bracken said...

That letter to santa is so funny!! Sounds a lot like Karly's list to him!