Monday, January 12, 2009

Learning early It's HER Prerogative

Today I overheard Daesha talking with her Dad in the kitchen.
Ted offered Daesha a drink of water.
She said, sure. Then immediatelty after she said, "Nevermind, can I have apple juice instead of water?'
Then came the funny part....
Daesha said, "I can change my mind because girls can do that!"
Ted said, "and boys can't?"
Daesha said, "No, boys can change their mind. But, girls can change their mind more"
Ted said, "Why?"
Daesha said, "Because girls are smarter"


The Perry Family said...


Heidi said...

That is so funny. She IS a smart one that girl :)

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha! That's great. She learns so quickly!

Debbi said...

I love Daesha, she always has the best comments. I bet Ted loved that one! Wade talked to Ted last night about house stuff - I hope you guys had a good day today!

Kimberly Wright said...

love that girl!!! Plus girls are smarter.... lol

Anonymous said...

My dear Chandra! You must be busy because I haven't seen a new blog from you in forever! Can't wait to hear updates. We miss the C fam in our ward!