Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A MOGE POGE of the end of summer.

Before we go to Manti for the bow hunt I decided I had better wrap up our summer. We had a very.. how should I put it? It was Fun, Stressful, Joyful, Maddening, and everything in between. And yet my blog journal hasn't kept up with things like it should. Which relays to me personally. I have not been myself. I found myself busier than ever this summer (a bit self centered, maybe)and as a result I have not kept in touch with friends and family. Ted has been working for Anderson Drilling. This job was temporary until the job was complete. They are ahead of schedule and were told last week that they would be done by September 1st. That is a whole month ahead of the deadline. Good for the company, bad for Ted. Luckily Ted is past the point of looking for a career job. (He has already found that, in real estate) And didn't have too much trouble taking what ever job opportunity comes up. It would be easier if every other person wasn't looking for a job right now too. :-)
Daesha is thrilled to be starting kindergarten this year. She will be going to the same elementary school Ted went to.
Recently Daesha's 2 neighbor friends have taken their training wheels off and riding around like big girls. Daesha gave it a try one afternoon. She was definitely not ready. But it's soon.
Keegan has learned to copy EVERYTHING Daesha says. Which is great because it is really helping him to learn more words. And helps us to figure out what "his" words are. He loves to say "WHAT THE HECK" because it is what I say every time I walk in a room that he has been in for more than 5 seconds. It is always a disaster!! On Sunday Keegan ripped up Ted's scriptures he has had from his mission. I started to document all of Keegan destruction achievements. But I quickly realized it just wasn't as funny as I had thought. Most of the time I end up being angry and yelling at the little monster. I for one am really dreading the winter. Keeping Keegan indoors for more than an hour is simply asking for catastrophic destruction!!! Heaven help me.
One thing I AM looking forward to this winter is painting my house. This is going to be lots of fun because I love to paint! I recently painted our master bedroom. I love it. But no pictures until I can get a decent bedspread. And finish our head board. Yup. I am making it.

These are pictures of the kids playing at some water fountains. Keegan was really funny. He likes to yell and scream at the water for some reason. Then this cute little blonde walked by and Keegan has hooked. He loves blonde girls. hahaha

These are pictures I took when we went to the Spanish Fork Rodeo. Daesha really liked watching the ropers. She didn't like the bare back bronc riders. She said. "those horses are mean." I thought it was funny she didn't think it was mean when the ropers tie up the poor little calf. :-)

And of course Keegan loved the cotton candy!!! His favorite part was the rodeo clown blowing up his little car. He was laughing at him and kept asking for the car through the entire rodeo.

And of course there were fireworks after. And poor Daesha is really sensitive to the noise. She couldn't possibly put her bag of cotton candy down. So she used her Dad's arm to cover up her other ear.

Daesha and her friend Sidnie making cupcakes.

Keegan was eatting them just as fast as Daesha was making them.

Then just last week we drove up to Ogden to visit my neice and together we went to the Treehouse Children's Museum. The exibits change according to the season. Right now they have rodeo and farm country stuff. There are also exibits of some counries that were really cute.

There is a big tree that has a slide down it. But it was closed that day. Bummer!! I really wanted to go down. (stomping my foot)
Daesha dressed herself as Peter Pan.
Keegan feeding this bear a plastic roll.
The oval office with the President. Both Keegan and Maddie did not like the Obama cutout.

This is Keegan carrying a tray of sushi to our table. He kept it low to the ground incase he dropped something.

Don't look at me! His sister picked the hat!

Daesha milking the cow. Aw! It's just water!!!

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