Saturday, October 24, 2009

Build and Grow at LOWE'S

Another reason to visit Lowe's even more than we already do!!!! Today Ted and I took the kids to a FREE craft class at Lowe's. I thought it was really cute. They get to keep the apron (which Keegan refused to wear) and safety goggles. And they even get the cutest badge to add to their aprons. Today was a cute Frankenstein head. It was a magic trick box that had a red string and a green string. When the red string is out you pull on the opposite side magically making the red string turn green as it goes through Frankensteins head. Keegan didn't like all the hammering at first. Ted had Keegans nearly done before he decided he wanted to help. We had to help Daesha figure out the right way to hammer. Like keeping the wood on the table to hammer is alot easier than holding it. And holding the hammer at the end will give you a better swing... After a few instructions Daesha was a pro. She hammered those little nails in really fast. The kids had such a great time I quickly scheduled them for the next 2 classes next month. If you are interested in this fun FREE activity check out

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