Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Eve

Just a little get together at our house. Some friends brought a Wii and we played that all night! The best game was called JUST DANCE. I loved that game!!! It even had a New Kids on the Block song. I took some videos but after watching them I realized how stupid I looked. So here are some of the pictures... seeing Ted dance to "Eye of the Tiger" with his friend Garth was one of the manly songs. Them dancing to "Heart of Glass" by Blondie was super funny! But I think Ted would not appreciate that video on my blog. Check Keegan out in the picture below, he was even getting into it too!

Dancing to "eye of the tiger"

doing McHammer...
It's the NEW YEAR! Ted was so into the Wii he didn't bother to participate. Daesha loves her Halloween costume. When do I make her put it away? Slightly inappropriate for this party. I was so surprised that both kids stayed up till 12. After putting them to bed the adults stayed up till 3:30.

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Kim said...

Fun Times. Next year we are so partying with you. Ted Dancing??? Hillarious.