Tuesday, May 4, 2010

OrAL RepOrTs=Me Panicking

But not Daesha. I think Daesha actually enjoys getting up in front of the class to talk. She never misses the fact that it is Friday and it's "show-and-tell" day. She always has something for show-and-tell.
Anyway, before I get too far off the subject. I should bring us back on track... Daesha has her very first oral school report tomorrow. Each student was given 2 weeks and an animal. They were to do a short report on what they learned as well as make some type of display of the animal in their natural habitat. Daesha got a whale. And since she has been to Sea World she was fast to pick an Orca. Daesha colored, cut and glued everything. I wrapped the box.
I know she will do a fantastic job. As long as she actually READS the report instead of memorizing it. In the practice video.. (which is on my facebook page) she added and/or left out a couple words like she said, "for nature" That was not written at all. And she looks up at me like, "I just messed up." But heck, this was only the 3rd time she had read it and pretty much had it memorized.
It was alot of fun and the best part is I don't have to get up and give the report.

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