Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rubbing Salt In Open Wounds

The Salt City Derby Girls. I always thought that being on a roller derby team would be a lot of fun I may have been on one if I had known there was a team right here in Utah. So when a friend of ours told us that she worked with a girl that was on the team, we decided it would be a fun thing to see.
It was SOMETHING to see. After the shock of seeing freek after an even more freekish person I started to pay attention to the actual game. The derby girls wore shorts that were so tight they seemed painted on and most of the girls wore fishnet stockings. Which by the end of a bout were all torn and had holes. The girls looked like they were having a good time and it even got a bit exciting when some pushing and falling occured.
I especially enjoyed the names that the girls had. Some I enjoyed were Aggravated Assault, Etta Bull, Smack and DeckHer, Screamin' Meanie, and Choke-a-Ho.
The team names were funny too. SALT CITY SHAKERS (thus the blog title -thats Salt Lakes Motto)and Sisters of NO MERCY. My mind wandered for a bit as I contemplated the idea of having my own derby team. I can skate extremely well. Probably because I wore my roller skates everyday from the age of 7 to about 10 years old. I would name us MORMON MASHERS. Anybody in? No. But seriously this is not the place for a mormon girl to be. Lots of stuff going on that I refrain from. Here are just a couple pictures I got of the action at the Salt Lake Derby, which I for one put on my list of things I will NEVER do again :-)

This girl got elbowed in the face and took a hard fall.
By this picture you can see I don't get out much. These girls had a table at the entrance of the bathrooms. I was tempted to take my Diet Dr Pepper over to see if they could watch that while I went pee.
???? Lots of people dressed up. At least I think they were dressed up. Check out the fight happening in the foreground. HAHAHA.
We saw somethings I couldn't even put on my blog. They were too gross to show. I will have those icky images in my brain forever. YUCK! But this one was just WAY too funny! Yes. This is a man. Atleast 40 years old too!

We joked with Ted and told him he could pull off that dress better than him! Ted IS looking for a job. And IS pretty desperate right now. :-)

Funny little story. The other guy friend we were with was leaving the mens room when this guy about crashes into him while turning the corner to go in! Our friend said he about lost an eye from his boob!


Bret Bushman Family said...

I am really glad for you that you got to experience something so beautiful...J/K. thanks for sharing your adventerous evening :)

Heidi Lamb said...

I think there is at least a three tattoo minimum to be on one of those teams anyway :)

Kim said...

hahaha.... I leave you for a weekend and this is what you do while I'm gone. Shame on you. I can't wait to hear the whole story though. So funny. Oh ya, Ted could definitely pull off the dress thing lot's better. hehehehe