Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Which Witch Wishes???

For the last couple of years I have looked forward to October because Daesha and I have had this little tradition since she was 3. We love to dress up as witches and go to "Witches Night Out" at Gardner Village. We always go to dinner at The Spagetti Factory. Every year we laugh at all the other ladies who use this evening as a Mother Daughter Date Night and do the exact same thing. This year we went with my sister and her daughter. We saw a bunch of witches at The Spagetti Factory and even more at Gardner Village!!!! The place was packed with WITCHES!!!! We walked around for 3 hours (more like moved around in a huge witch blob) and saw very little but a bunch of coliding witch hats that were being bumped off by the wide brims of passer by's. We had one chance to take a photo at one of the displays. I just couldn't believe how packed in everyone was! We decided to get out of the madness and go pick up our delicious carmel apples. We waited in line for 45 minutes before making our purchase. This year Daesha decided she wanted a huge sucker instead of the carmel apple. We decided that our little tradition is just too popular with all the other Mom's and Daughters. It was WAY too crowded for these 2 witches. These Witches are wishing we can find someplace else to practice our cackles every October. Or maybe get the word out that Gardner Village sucks in hopes that this will lessen the numbers next year.

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