Friday, January 14, 2011

On The Mend???

Yup. Im going to do it... I'm going to give myself a "Waambulance" and cry and complain about my foot. My foot felt so great the 1st 3 weeks after my surgery. I was very careful and stayed off it completely. Which Im sure is why it felt fine. I still have to stay off it for another 3 weeks. This is just about killing me. The very day my cast came off it began to hurt a bit. I am getting around more while still not walking on it. Yesterday I went back to work. And now it is hurting more than a little. I took a picture of my foot once I got home and took off my aircast. I wasn't too surprised to see a purple foot and swollen toes!
I sure hope these last 3 weeks go by fast. And I really hope that my foot feels better soon. :(

Sorry about the pictures of my feet. I think feet are ugly. No matter how clean they are. Anyway, the next 2 pics are 1 week after my surgery, right before my cast was put on. And then at 3 weeks, the day my cast came off.

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Kerra 'n' Josh said...

ouch ouch and ouch! I'm so sorry that looks painful! We'll be keeping you in our prayers... Love ya