Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catching Up Is Hard To DO-OOOO!

But as you know I have stopped scrapbooking and decided to stick with blogging. And to think this would be quick and easy! I decided to go with Blurb. After I download all of 2008 and 2009. I started a little editing here and there and here alittle more. Before I knew it I was into this dang project for 3 weeks!!!! I was excited to see the result and just recieved it today!!! And wouldn't you know it the dang book had a printing flaw! And also it was dang ugly! I have notified Blurb and I am pretty sure I can redo the book. But really! Do I really want to do it again??? and I still have 2 more years left. Does anybody still get out the pen and paper and just write words down? I did back in junior high. Infact, I wrote in my journal nearly every day back then. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to write stuff like, "I hate gym! Miss Johnson totally made me shower after class! And I swear I think a booger was on my locker today! But the best thing about the day was that Charlie said HI to me. He IS SOOOO DANG CUTE!!!!" (followed by little hearts and X's and O's)
Interesting how back then your day "seemed" so stressful. Now the stress is REAL. But the simple things still turn your day completely around.
For instance... I was having a very busy STRESSFUL day cleaning the house, paying bills, running to several stores, getting groceries, and on and on. I glanced at my phone to check the time. I can make it home right as Daesha gets off the bus. I started driving home and I was about 15 minutes from home when panic struck. It was a Monday! Which means that the kids get out 1 hour early! Daesha got stranded once. Last year when she was a wee Kindergartner. She didn't get on the bus. Daesha has always been pretty independent and usually doesn't over react and can think fast on her feet for her age. But this was pretty traumatic for her. She was crying by the time the school contacted me which was 45 minutes after the buses had left! Anyway, back to the story at hand. I was totally panicking and then I thought she might just go over to a neighbors house. So I called the first one I thought she would go. I was so glad that she was there and I was nearly in tears as her sweet voice cheerfully chimes, "Hello Mommy!" I started my pitiful apologies and told her I would be there very soon to pick her up and I also asked her if she was worried. She said "Not really. I just came right over to Arissa'a when I saw that the door was locked" When I went to pick her up from the neighbors she gave me a big hug and said. "I'm sorry you were worried, Mom. I wasn't even scared at all because we have nice neighbors" We truly do have nice neighbors. We know everyone on our entire street. All 7 of them because we live on a dead end road. I feel lucky to live in the area we live in. The rest of my day was followed by little hearts and X's and O's.

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