Friday, June 10, 2011

Stick IT!

Daesha did a great job at her Gymnastics showcase. Unlike Keegan she loves the spotlight. So Daesha was extremely excited about having us see her routines. They did a Super Hero theme with all the music from various super hero movies and shows.

Her mommy scores are as follows:

On her floor routine she shows great flexibility and coordination but because she forgot her routine and had to get some sign language help from her coach, she gets an 8.

On Bars I think she deserves a 10! Ok, maybe a 9 because her teacher had to stop her from over rotating.

The Pommel Horse is hard to judge. She hasn't advanced to using an actual horse. They just run and jump on the springboard then up onto a giant padded block. Her first run she had great agility and skill. She gets a 9. The second run gets an 8. She was supposed to do a forward roll and for some reason didn't. She must have lost her nerve :) The picture is pretty funny. Because her teacher is standing at the edge of the pad and helping her flip. Her butt went straight up and then she went straight on her head. She laughed and went skipping back to her team line.

The balance beam started off rocky. After her first big skill.. (a simple hop straight up) she lost her balance and jumped off. But no hesitation and she was back on the beam. The rest of her routine she had great balance and grace. I was very proud. A perfect 10 despite the fall. WHAT! I'm her Mother!! I can give her a 10 if I want! I knew she would do well on the beam because she practices this at home on the side of our jet tub.

At the end every student got to get on the podium and receive a ribbon. It was a fun evening. I hardly have to point this out because it's pretty hard to miss. But can you believe the legs on my girl!!!! As we were walking out to our car a lady came up to me and said she was beautiful and was amazed at her long legs!

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