Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keegan Goes To School!

I have really worried for this day for a long time. Not worried on Keegans behalf, but for his teacher. Heaven help her when she gets to deal with his stubbornness and sudden outbursts. Preschool will be good for him and me. I hope. Keegan was very excited about going. Keegan had gone to meet his teacher 2 weeks ago and got to look around and play with some of the toys. His preschool is out of her home and she happens to live in our neighborhood.

As soon as we walked into the classroom door on his first day he released his grasp on my hand and hung his LARGE back back on his hook with his name. He never looked back for reassurance or to wave goodbye. I guess he is more ready than I thought.

I had to go to work so Ted was the one to pick him up. He said Keegan was beyond happy and loved his first day at school. When he got up from his nap I asked him about his school. He said he was a very good listener and didn't have any friend yet. But Lincoln is the meanest.


Debbi said...

Ha! We are totally blogging the same thing tonight:). Keegan is such a stud, I and glad he had fun. I bet he will love this year!!

Jeff and Kira said...

"Lincoln is the meanest" hahaha! He is so cute!