Monday, August 29, 2011

It's A Good Time To Visit The Cabin

As good as a time as any. And what a fun weekend it was! Kim and George invited us a to their family cabin in Fruitland. It was a month ago but Im just now getting around to blogging it. We always have a great time watching videos, riding wheelers, and relaxing. This time we got a HUGE brownie with vanilla ice cream at a restaurant by their cabin. It was delicious!
Keegan and HIS girls. He is turning into some kind of ladies man. All weekend we'd hear him say "Ashlynn you are cute" or "Megan is cute, huh Mom"

Keegan loves to run around with no shirt on. The girls will do just about what ever Keegan is doing. At some point we will have to intervene and not let this happen when they are older.

Lizzy jumping up on Kim's leg. Poor puppy looked like a rat. (Small miscommunication between me and the groomer.)

Ted and George playing the Xbox. Their expressions don't show it, but they are sure they are having a great time.

We also took a drive to Starvation Reservoir. It was my first time there. Kim and I sat on the shore listened to our favorite 90's music on her ipod like Tag Team, Bell Biv Devoe, And MC Hammer. We laughed a lot while watching the smallest 3 (Keegan, Megan, and Ashlynn) play in the sand and water and listening to that music again. The Dad's and bigger kids went cliff jumping. When they got back I could not believe that Daesha actually did it! Ted said that she didn't want to. But it only took her Dad one convincing plea that it was fun and off she went! I asked her if it was fun and she said it was the scariest thing she has ever done, and that it hurt her feet. But after lunch they all went back out and she jumped 5 more times.

Even with a sore back Ted was able to do a Gator..

There goes Daesha!

Back at the shore....

I tied one end of a rope to Torpedo Turtle and the other end to a log. Then I would push Keegan and the turtle out. He liked pulling himself back in only to repeat this a bazillion times.

The boys, Brandon and Colton tryng to tip Daesha over.

Daesha's swam out pretty deep before I asked her to come back. Even with a lifejacket I get nervous.

I thought theses eagles or maybe hawks or falcons were pretty neat. There were 2. One sat on one post while the other sat at the nest. Every so often a chicks head would pop up. Aw... so cute.

Lizzy enjoyed the sand too...

Scuba Steve better watch out! Here come The Goggle Geeks!!!

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