Thursday, May 3, 2012

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For The Record
Daesha was baptized Saturday, March 3rd by her Father Ted, and was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that same day by her Father; a member of the Lehi 10th ward.

Before this big day Daesha made special preparations months in advance. Some of the things that we are asked to do before becoming a member is to first have a meeting with the ward Bishop or one of his councelors, we study the gospel by reading the scriptures, and make special promises to ourselves and our Heavenly Father, but most important we pray about this decision. Daesha had no doubt that this was the right decision for her.

Aside from Daesha's personal preparations I was busily trying to get her photos done, dress, food and decorations for the family celebration that day. This started months in advance too! I am so glad that I did start the preparations so soon because I got very sick a couple weeks before with a bad case of the flu. And then just a few days before Daesha's baptism I got it a second time!!!!
Anyway most have already seen all these pictures of Daesha in her baptism dress because I posted them on Facebook. But for the purpose of my blog book here they are again.

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!!!!!????? I fiddled with these pictures FOR-EVVVEEERR and could not get them to rotate right! Hopefully when I create my book I can fix it. If not I will have to do somekind of creative twist to hold the book sideways. :S

Daesha and Lydia

We have a lady in the ward who can embroyder on just about anything. So I called her to sew a "baptism towel" for Daesha. It's a little hard to see in the picture that it says "Choose The Right" in light purple lettering over her name. Daesha's favorite color is Purple.

My Baptism Towel

This baptism towel is to help remind you
of your baptism day all the years through.
When you come out of the water all clean and pure,
dry off with this towel and you can be sure.
That you are as clean as this towel is white,
and the Holy Ghost will be with you both day and night.
For the Holy Ghost is your gift after the laying on of hands,
and will be a comfort and a guide if you obey God's commands.
This CTR emblem will help remind you to be strong
as you continue to learn right from wrong.
When your towel beomes soiled, remember that we too
may sometimes make mistakes and we've been taught just what to do.
Just as you can wash your towel so it can again be clean,
the wrongs you make can be washed away and never be seen.
Your Heavenly Father loves you, remember always to pray,
and He will be beside you forever and a day.

how i felt about my babtzm by daesha
i loved the warm water ifelt a specel feeling i think was the holy gost i was very happy as soon as i cameout of the water i could not stop gigling.

how i felt about my confrmasin by daesha
i felt comfort

A note to my Daughter:
I am so very proud of you Daesha. I love so many things about you. I love that you always are happy which make others you are around happy too! I love that you love to laugh. I am amazed how quickly you make friends and you are always nice and helpful to everyone you meet. You always try so hard to do what is right.
My most favorite part of the day is when you come home from school. You have NEVER come home from school sad. You always give me a BIG hug and tell me all about your day.
I am so glad that you are my daughter.

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