Friday, September 21, 2012


I better blog this even though I really don't want to. Several reasons are because it just makes me mad that things keep happening to us and also there is just so much to tell. Do I tell the details? Some are just not worth remembering so I will spare some of the details...

For those who don't want to read this huge story I have highlighted the poop story. I've been told it's a barrel of laughs. So just scroll down.....
This episode starts August 9th. Anyway I have been battling stomach issues for several years now. I have seen several Dr's changed my diet, taken every herb possible and nothing seemed to work.
After taking Keegan and Daesha to the store I felt something different. Pain, some. Sick, yes. So I told my kids I needed to go back home and rest. My stomach was hurting. Keegan got in bed with me and watched cartoons while I let Daesha play on the Xbox.
40 minutes later I woke up sweating in pain. Somehow I managed to get the kids to the neighbor and drive myself to the our general Dr.
I was in his office for 5 minutes before he sent me straight to the ER. He said I might be having an appendicitis. I called Ted from the ER parking lot crying because I was in pain and I had no idea how we were going to pay for another hospital visit.
It wasn't my appendix. It was my large intestine. It had become unattached to the abdominal wall and was now flipped down and between my small intestine. I was admitted and had colectomy surgery 2 days later. They removed 8 inches of my large intestine which included my appendix as well. The 2 days before was no joke. hell. I was in so much pain and I still had to get cleansed out. This detail I'm definitely leaving out. I hope I never-ever-ever have to go through that again. Thank goodness I had an epideral. That probably saved my insanity.
I believe I stayed at the hospital for 5 days after the surgery with the most awful bladder bag hanging from my right rib area. That was not fun to have emptied.
I know your wondering whens the poop story.. where here it is. 6 weeks later I was still having some discomfort and just not feeling myself till one day I woke up with what is normal cramping for me. Something I have come to deal with. But as the day went on I found myself feeling worse and worse. It was my first day back to work and I was excited but not THAT excited to make myself sick. I was glad to go to lunch with a co-worker and the food tasted great. But by the time we headed back to work I had the overwhelming feeling that I had to go to the bathroom. (No I didn't have to pee real bad)
I'm cutting to the end because this story could get real long. I basically ran to the bathroom 3 times within 30 minutes. Finally I told the other instructor that I must go home.
It's a 10 minutes drive to my house. I was seriously doubting I could make it since I was already at 4 minutes intervals to the bathroom. Well, 2 blocks away from my house the pain began. I tried with all my might to hold it in but to my horror I could not. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I completely POOPED my pants. (take note this was the only time I was glad to have leather seats) It wouldn't have been so bad if it was 1 single log. No it was a full blown atomic bomb that exploded up my back and around my sides. One might guess that I felt instant relief. Again, Nope. It just kept coming!!!!
Once at my house (which has community parking) I had to make a 30 meter dash. After taking a quick look around I slid out, carefully trying to hold my loose scrub pants to billow just so the poo wouldn't fall down my leg and on the pavement. This was a huge fail right from the first 2 steps so I booked it. As fast as I can hobble with legs far apart.
By now my clothing had soaked up all remaining fluids so all that was left was small gooey peddles which now made a trail on the ground to my front door.
Once safe in my house and grateful nobody saw me the dog came running to greet me. I can't ever take back the awful screams that came from me, my poor loving dog welcoming me home will be permanently scared. I shouted all commands I could shout just to keep her from jumping on my soaked and smelly legs. The rest is not important but this started the beginning of a very long week. It wasn't long before I was vomiting and pooping at the same time. I was loosing strength fast and the pain was getting worse. I called Ted and told him he needed to come home and take care of me, and the poop in the car. Poor guy didn't ask any questions and said he would be right there.
Upon arriving Ted noticed tucked me in bed, gave me some pain pills left from my surgery, and went to clean up the car. He told me he just kicked the poo pebbles to the grass. Which made me laugh.
I lasted the night thanks to the drugs I had taken. But the next morning we both knew I was headed straight back to the ER. Not only was I in pain. I also was vomiting straight bile and I was pooping at least a full cup of straight blood.
At the hospital we found out that the antibiotic I was taking after my surgery had killed all bacteria in my intestine. It happens. But I had an imbalance of bacteria. So my diagnosis was C-diff. I experienced the advanced stage which includes flu-like symptoms only 10 times worse. I actually stayed in the hospital another 6 days while they got my pain under control and changed my antibiotic and started me on some probiotics. Also had a colonoscopy which is to be forgotten.
One last story from my stay at the hospital. Our surgeon forgot to mention I had C-diff to the staff at the hospital. He told Ted and I but didn't tell us it was extremely contagious. This news all went down as my mother-in-law and sister-law were sitting in my room. All 3 of us freaked alittle when the staff started putting on yellow gowns and put a hazard sign on my door!!!! They reassured us that it was rare for healthy people to get sick. But the poor sick patients on the same floor as I was could be in danger. The hospital doctor called my surgeon and really got upset with him. He also said that he was (the surgeon) no longer the doctor to contact on any of my care. He had to get my ok for this. Which I was completely ok with, my surgeon needed ALOT of bedside manner training.
Anyway, I'm home still recovering. I'm not able to do much because I still feel weak and tired. But each day I do feel better. What I've learned from this... That I haven't figured out.

I don't even want you to look closely at my appearance... I was sick after all.

Daesha wanted to try out the squeeze leg thingy for a second. They used them to prevent blood clots.

Keegan needed some mommy time. Which I was more than willing to give even at my current state. He loves his hands and wrist message.

  Hated this stupid drain bag....


Kim said...

Just reading this made me laugh all over again (only the poop story of course). I wish my friend would start feeling better. The girls pray for you every night. I haven't told them you are home now. I hope you are on the mend, and we can hangout one of these days.

Jeff and Kira said...

Holy cow, you guys are just way too amazing for this kind of stuff to happen to you so much! Not cool. I'm so sorry! This all just sounds so miserable! Lots of prayers coming your way!