Monday, October 29, 2012

Lets Play Catch Up!

 Ready, Set, GO!

When I has in the hospital back in September Ted came to visit with the kiddos. It was Utah's biggest game day of the year! Looks like we have our own little rivals living under the same roof....

This same weekend Daesha got to perform with Westlake High School Drill Team. I missed her performance because I was still in the hospital, my sister in law Pam saved the day and was able to get her ready and get her there. Daesha really enjoyed the 30 second performance but all she could talk about was how much fun she had hanging out with her cousin Hunter and Aunt Pam in the band room. 


Once I was home and feeling better we went out on a LONG sunday drive. We headed up American Fork Canyon were everyone else must have had the same idea. The line of cars started forming long before the canyon entrance!!! We went to Cascade Springs to enjoy the fall colors and walk around....
(I was feeling well enough to go outdoors. Not well enough to care about Keegans outfit.)
instead of continuing the drive onto the Alpine Loop we took a dirt road east down to Heber where we decided to show the kids the Crater in Midway.

A week later we took the kids to the fall festivities at Thanksgiving Point. Always a family favorite. I was able to get a few pictures before it got dark, and very cold. Before leaving we all had hot cocoa and sat by the campfire.

The kid size build your own cabin was lots of fun! It kept us busy making our cabin for an hour!

Well, that was fun. I hope you are willing to play catch up next month since this seems to be an ongoing pattern with me and my blog :)

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