Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This year we had a big group for Thanksgiving dinner at the inlaws. All of Ted's siblings were there, my niece brought her new fiance. And my other niece brought 2 of her friends.
The Gardners always bring a fun snack for the tables. This year they had little paper pumpkins filled with treats. And the fruit turkey made a comeback! This time there were 2!!

Everyone contributes great tasting food. Wade made some really good brisket. Ted smoked a turkey. Which by the way I am not a fan of anything smoked. Everyone tells me the charred black burnt look is all part of the smoked taste. Still the taste is BURNT. yuck!

Ted also smoked this little game bird. It was much better tasting than the turkey...

Daesha was very happy to get an entire wing. I couldn't stop laughing at how black it was.

After dinner we all headed to the movie theater. We saw The Life Of Pi. I thought it was OK. From what I got most of our group didn't like it. It kinda dragged just a little. But by the end it had me pondering the whole story. Kinda cool.
After the movie we went back for pie and a couple card games. I'm so thankful that I have such a wonderful family to share this day with. Families truly are my greatest blessing.

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