Monday, February 25, 2013

Remember when...

Christmas was just 2 months ago. ;)
I have a bit of catching up to do so here are all 16 days of our elf Thor....

Papering the kids bedroom doors. Daesha likes her bedroom door closed. Keegan likes his open. It's a good thing Keegan is a deep sleeper. I don't know how he never woke up with his door wide open! (side note: it looks like 2 completely different people did a door each) :o

Stocking stuffing himself!

Nobody knows how to use a VHS tape machine anymore!!!  He's doing it all wrong!

Visiting the nativity and taking a little ride on the wise men's camel.

3 members of the family have been very sick for 2 days. Looks like poor Thor got the bug too.

The next day day Thor must have still been feeling sick. Kids found him in the freezer with ice stuck to his body, limbs, and head.

HURRAY! Thor is feeling well enough to get ready for the day and wear some of Mom's makeup!

Made some treats for our primary class. Thor left his own special treat. :)

Thor on the computer. Daesha was curious to see what Thor was watching. When she turned it on she saw that he was playing a Christmas game.
Keegans Star Wars figures and Lego guys right in the middle of a great battle scene trying to rescue Thor from the monster. Keegan thought Thor looked too happy to be in the monsters claws. :) I like Anikan kicking the monster in the shin!

School lunch for the kids! Thor had some candy he brought back from the north pole.
Dancing with the tree angel. This date took some prepping up, Thor forgot to take out a couple of Daesha's doll curlers in his hat.

One Sunday morning Thor had tucked himself into Daesha's scripture bag. He had even put on a church tie hoping we would take him to church with us.

Peek-a-boo breakfast!

Christmas eve is 2 days away. We spend Christmas eve with family till very late so we made cookies for Santa a day early. Thor put a piece of paper over the "santa cookie plate" which now has Thors name on it. And he snuck a few of Santa's cookies!!!

The night before Christmas we found Thor hugging our family picture. I took this picture below after Daesha had put out cookies and milk for Santa. She also put out a little teacup of milk for Thor and she had left a note for him too. I don't remember exactly what it said. But the P.S said, WE WILL MISS YOU THOR. The next morning the milk and cookies were gone and so was Daeshas note.

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