Wednesday, October 24, 2007

GAP casting call..

ok, ok, ok, I keep being told I should put my kids in modeling. I know they are both absolutly adorable. But I don't want to act vain by putting my kids in modeling. But I thought if they don't get in then every time someone tells me that they should model I can say, "already tried that". I waited till the very last day to put both Daesha and Keegan in the Gap casting call. I thought I could handle the free wardrobe and other free stuff. Who knows maybe something could go good with this like college tuitions.. anyway wish them luck. On November 20th the finalists will be listed on And if by some miracle one of my kids gets to the finals, you should get on the site and make your vote!

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The Perry Family said...

you go girlie!! i'm so glad you did this!!