Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's a good plan

Survived another Sunday. But not easily done with kids in church! Keegan in church for 3 hours is like having a bee buzzing around your head. Before I know it I am completely distracted. It's just bothersome enough that you might just do something drastic just to get it to stop.
-Stop throwing your toys two rows a head of us.(today he actually made contact with the back of someones head)
-Stop screaming because I wont let you turn the pages of the hymn book while I am trying to sing.
-Stop taking your sisters crayons that she wasn't using but needs the one you have in your hand.
-Stop STINKY poops right after the opening prayer in sunday school.
Although leaving class isn't such a big deal, we never get to hear the lesson anyway.
And another first today was in sunday school. Keegan got a colored pencil that was broken. As soon as he realized that it wasn't coloring he threw himself back into the wall in an out rage. He screamed so loud that the teacher had to stop and wait for Ted to grab Keegan then squeezed between chairs and knees to get out the door. I swear it seems like 10 minutes to a parent when trying to get out with a screaming child!!!
All you moms that do or have done this every sunday know exactly what I am talking about. But I have gotten to the point where I have a hard time going at all.
Then a glimps of a good plan... thankfully Ted has always taken Keegan with him to the mens class so I can get a chance to listen, learn, grow. Whatever. But today we had a sweet sister get up and talk about how hard it can be at times to come to church and not even get a single chance to hear or learn. She jokingly said that it's a good thing we start to learn and gain a testimony at such a young age because when we have our own kids we don't have time to spiritually feed ourselves at church. Everyone giggled. But as I was sitting there I realized that this gospel has "plans". THAT WORK! Yes, it is so hard to come each sunday expecting to wrestle kids and yet I saw today that this is my chance to get serious about my personal study. I can't rely on a good lesson to carry me through the week anymore. If I want my testimony to grow I have to put in more effort on my own. So the plan is getting clearer. I have to be FORCED into my personal study because I have kids who prevent me from learning at church.



Fracasso family said...

Amen to that!! It is so hard to wrestle with the family every Sunday! I have noticed the weeks you have the hardest time with motivation to go and you force it and go anyways...they are the days you really do get the most out of the lessons and/ talks.

Mindi B said...

Isn't it funny, how we come to these realizations after the fact. I have recently been focusing on my personal study more and it has been so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Youngblood4ever said...

Amen! Totally agree. I am so glad that Malia is finally in nursery, but it sure was a long time coming! I am feeling for you. Sacrament meetings are still a challenge- even for Kylie.

Kristin said...

I am so agreeing with you, there is no spiritual uplifting happening for me at church either. Hopefully that will change in 2 weeks when Bear spends her first day in the nursery. We're just hoping she doesn't get kicked out for being a biter!

Andrew and Trista Nielson said...

Hi Chandra I love your blog! We just got one started for ourselves. Check it out at Hope all is going well. I miss working with you and brit.