Friday, March 13, 2009

When we stopped laughing.

We haven't totally stopped laughing. (We are just chuckling at this point)

Do you want the good news first or the bad news??

I'll start with bad, then follow that with good news.

First. Ted hasn't found a job yet. The good news is we have a renter for 1 year at our Saratoga Springs house. They are coming from Florida and will be in by the 1st of April. HURRAY!!!

Second. I haven't been feeling well for months. Back in October I pulled my groin lifting Keegan. I have had back problems and I just thought that I did something weird favoring my back. Like clockwork I would "reaggravate" my groin every couple weeks. Finally I was tired of dealing with it so I went to the doctors. Apparently I have a HERNIA! It's bulging out from my stomach!!! The Dr. pointed it out and I just stared at him and thought, "what the crap it that". He started blabbing on about sending me asap to get a scan and days later I will go in for surgury. At that moment I was lost in my own thoughts.

Oh no! Not surgury. How in the crap did I miss a bulge on my side? I guess I should pay more attention to my my naked body before getting in the shower...maybe not. I don't want to go through another surgury, no the recovery is much worse. Honestly I don't even know what a hernia is!

I left the office and called Ted. This time we didn't laugh. Infact I cried. I don't even remember the last time I cried. Once I got home Ted did his own inspection and couldn't believe how noticeable it was and he could actually feel it. And then he told me all about hernia's and what is done in the surgury. Now I am really freaked out.

The good news is we still have medical insurance until the end of this month.

Just a side note. This is what I feel like is going to happen to my stomach at any moment...


Kim said...

What the hell is that picture???? YUCK. Lemonade is not sounding too good right now, maybe we should move straight to the hard stuff (I don't think I have ever bought the hard stuff before, have I????) Anyway, keep us informed and we will make the recovery much easier for you. Love Ya

Kimberly Wright said...

totally could have done without the pic....yuck! Glad to hear you have renters, I am sure that is a huge relief. What kind of work is Ted looking for? Rob became an expert while he was searching for work.

Anonymous said...

oy vey! the picture was... something else. sorry you haven't been feeling well! hope that you recover soon. has Ted been looking on craigslist at all? great news about the renters!

Kristin said...

And the HITS, just keep on coming! What a PAIN, literally. So are you having surgery soon? Let me know if I can help with the kids, or anything. I'll be praying for some relief for you all. Hang tough, things will get better.

Hooray for the renters, that's great news!

The Perry Family said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha love the picture!!! isn't that from aliens? hahaha

hope everything goes ok!!!

Mindi B said...

Chandra! I'm so sorry about the hernia. We had to get two major hernias surgically repaired on Corbyn when he was a baby and I was amazed at how much better it went than what I expected. Please let me know if I can help you out in any way!!

Adhis said...

It took me a while to come out from the corner I huddled in to suck my thumb after seeing that last photo.

I'm sorry you are feeling blagh about this whole thing. Just think, you will feel a whole lot better when your innards aren't trying to push their way out anymore. Focus on that. :)

Back to my corner...