Monday, June 15, 2009

KEEGAN had a Birthday!

Our little "destructo" turned 2 last week. The day started out rough. Pretty much there are more rough days than smooth ones with Keegan. I took both kids ALONE to a friends baby blessing. I had to leave the meeting early because Keegan was jumping off the church benches and every 40 seconds would scream. After the blessing we went to their home for lunch. Keegan had dumped a whole glass of someones orange juice, threw half his food accross the room, and practically pulled my skirt right off. Luckily I grabbed it before I was showing my entire butt. Once we were back home Keegan took a 3 hour nap while I made his cake. Later that evening we had a little party with family for him. He was in heaven. Usually he shy's away from too much attention. But for some reason he really enjoyed it that day! He especially loved everyone singing happy birthday. After everyone was done singing he tried to blow out the candles but because he was grinning so much he couldn't get a good blow. His Dad helped him blow them out. Then as Ted was walking away he kept grinning from ear to ear and said "Elmo, Birthday". (I made him an Elmo cake) For a two year old he did really well opening his presents. We only had to take one intermission to let him play with a few of the toys he had already opened.

Things that Keegan loves at the age of 2..

- Cars, Trucks, Trains, Motorcycles (cycles), Airplanes.

- Elmo and Telletubbies. Watches Wall-E everyday.

- Abby. cute blonde girl next door. She's 5.

- "Moose" that he sleeps with.

- Pizza, Bannanas, and CHIPS!

Things that Keegan hates..

- Kisses from his Mom.

- Brushing his teeth. I have to surprise him so he doesn't have a chance to run then pin him down.

- He hates getting help in his car seat. I have to stand and wait while he climbs into the suburban and up into his car seat. Then he lets me help put the belt on.

- Icecream and ALL Vegies.

Keegan is for sure a hand full! And some days I really get frustrated with this energetic little guy. But I really love having him in our family. His personality is so outgoing and down right crazy sometimes, which makes it interesting and fun to see what he will do next. And what I can come up with to keep him safe and entertained is always a personal test. Happy Birthday Keegan. Mommy loves you sooooo much


Debbi said...

this is in writing: wade and I officially suck! We are the worst uncle and aunt in history, I hate not having our own house and my calendar to keep track of everyone's birthdays - for some reason we both thought that keegan's birthday was next week. SORRY!!!! and we suck because I haven't called you back yet about sunday (I think we will send a card, so don't worry about ut) and I haven't emailed you pictures - they are on the memory card still. I promise I will get with it....but we are signing on a house tomorrow:) I'll call you and tell you more tomorrow.

next time are there, I totally want to get that yummy food with you too (from the post below!!)

Kim said...

He was having so much fun that night. I can't believe he's only two. He acts and looks much bigger than that.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Keegan! Cute pictures and FUNNY post Chandra :)