Monday, October 5, 2009

Wee Witches

(Daesha with the famous witches of Gardner Village)

Daesha and I always look forward to our Mom and Daughter dates. October is our most favorite!! We dress up as witches and go to dinner at Spagetti Factory. After dinner we go to a bewitching event at historic Gardner Village. Money was tight this year so we wore the same stuff as last year. This was our 3rd straight year in going. There were a few changes this year, which was a real bummer. Like the original Witches Night is now for 18 years and older. So to involve the little ones they have a weekend just for them, called Wee Witches Weekend.
When we arrived we were sad to see very few had dressed up as witches! But the ones who did dress up were veterans like us and gave us smiles and greetings in their best witch accents. Every activity had a fee. Including parking!!! The only thing that was free was a scavenger hunt that was actually pretty lame. Once you found all the witches decorated around the village you could take your list to the bakery and receive a chocolate chip cookie. And then you still had to buy the cookie for .25 cents! We didn't even bother with the hunt. Other activities they had were tractor pulled wagon rides, a corn maze, face-painting, and crafts. (which we never saw) After letting Daesha dance on the stage and walk around a bit we went to the petting zoo. (cost was $2) And then we got our usual... a delicious carmel apple at Sweet Afton's candy shop.
The group we usually went with in the past years didn't end up getting together this year. Daesha and I were not about to miss it! So I decided to start up a new group. Unfortunatley, not too many were able to make it except my neice Amanda and her daughter Maddie. As well as my other neice Brit. We had a great time. Maddie loved dancing and running away from her mom the whole night. It was perfect weather and even though we had to deal with a few changes we still had a great time dressing up and acting silly and practicing our witch cackles throughout the night. I am hoping that Amanda will come again next year. Thanks for going Mandy!

Yes... we need help. Not scary or silly or cute. Just FUN!

Check out Daesha's witch face.

Here we are laughing at Maddie, who would not stand still for the pictures. That's her head in the bottom left corner.

Here's Maddie practicing her witch cackle! She was actually growling like a tiger.

Love Spagetti Factory!! Mmmmm.

The decor is very witchy with cobwebs and spiders at this time of year.

This is one of the witches that was on the scavenger hunt.

They all have big butts and huge tracks of land!

This was taken right after Maddie grabbed the witches huge tracks of land.

The orange balloon Daesha is holding had a tootsie roll and a spider made of pipe cleaner tied on the bottom.... it cost a dollar!!!! I felt bad for not letting her do any of the other activities so I agreed to this overly priced balloon. grrrr


Jeff and Kira said...

What a great tradition! It's too bad everything was so expensive! But it still looks like you guys had a great time :)

Bret Bushman Family said...

What a fun tradition...looks like you had a great time.

Heidi Lamb said...

You guys are so cute and fun!