Saturday, July 24, 2010

Foam Fun

Daesha, Keegan, and Ted had a great time at the park today. I wasn't able to get in and play since I STILL can't walk on my foot. It looked like so much fun! So I took pictures from the sidelines.....

Lehi Fire Department showing the kids a good time.

Everyone is nice and dry. But not for long.....

We couldn't coax Keegan in far. He stayed right along the edge.

Daesha had a ball!!! I had a hard time keeping track of her because she was white like everyone else!

This area is for ages 5 and younger and a whole bunch of Dads! I loved watching these grown men laughing and grinning while still trying to maintain the manly man image. You can't see him in all the foam. But, this is Ted getting the full force of suds. It actually blew his hat off. So he and another Dad crawled around looking for his hat.

This picture cracks me up! Daesha was sitting down and a boy ran by causing a small wake of suds. The small wave was pretty big by the time it reached Daesha!
It's a good thing Daesha was being protected by this boy. But she still got plastered!!!!
Daesha in the rinsing station.

We are hoping they do this again next year! We will be there!


Jenifer said...

That looks like it was a total blast! Your kids mustve had so much fun... sorry you didnt get to join in the fun... but you took some great pictures!

Debbi said...

Oh my gosh! That looks so awesome! I wish we could have been there, I love the pictures! I think it totally fits that Keegan didn't like it and Daesha did. How funny! I hope you are feeling okay:)