Friday, August 6, 2010

Hobbling Along....

After 16 days I was finally able to stop using crutches and have moved on to the walking boot. I went to a different Doctor and get more xrays done. I swear I am not a baby! But my ankle just is not getting better. Atleast not as fast as I would like it to. Even today I am not able to walk on it without the walking boot on. And still by the end of the day it is throbbing and has swelled back up. The Podiatrist, Dr. Phillips did some really horrible mobility and pressure tests that had me jumping and kicking in my chair. He did forewarn me and was really very nice. By the time I got to my car I was in tears.
Despite the torture I was glad to know that I definetly don't have anything broken. I have a high ankle sprain. Which is truely the worst and most painful sprain. It takes super long to heal and I just get to deal with it. It's not very fun at all. But I am super glad that it will just take time and I can get alot more done without the crutches.
I posted pictures of Day 2. Here is the progression. Day 4 was the WORST!!!!! I stopped taking pictures for a few days because it hurt so bad and I was just really MAD!! Ask Ted and the kids I was not a nice Mom for about a week. Ok maybe it was even longer than that. My poor family. Daesha even said to me one day. "Mom I know your just yelling at me because your foot hurts"

Day 3... no real bruising yet but the swelling was killing me.

Day 3...

Day 10... bruising on both sides of my heel. And even up my leg.

Day 10...My toes too! It looked like I had frost bite they were getting so dark.
Day 12.... finally the swelling is going down.
1 week... Swelling is back and still gross purple, yellow, and black bruising.
1 week
1 week

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Debbi said...

holy crap Chanda! I can't wait for Wade to get home and look at these pictures! How sad! I hope you are doing a little better, Wade had a high ankle sprain once from bball and it hurt him so bad for a long time (but I called him a baby) I won't call you one though:) I love what Daesha told you! hehe!